Precision PM5300 Low Flow Blender with 3 Port Manifold


Precision Medical air oxygen low flow blender, 0-30 liters per minute with a 3 port manifold.

Blender Brochure

Blender User Manual

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It’s Unique.
It is the only unit available that allows the clinician to turn the bleed control to ON or OFF providing quieter operation. This feature is especially useful in the NICU and PICU.

It’s Durable.
The tough ABS housing makes the unit durable and the selection control knob is recessed to prevent accidental damage.

It’s Versatile.
The unit is available in two models, high and low flow. The blender is easily mounted with a universal mounting bracket. It can be detached from the mounting bracket without removing hoses.

It’s Modular.
The unique modular design can cut routine maintenance time in half as well as reduce maintenance costs. The unit has easy-to-replace modular components and is easily maintained by all biomed departments.

It’s User-Friendly.
A large selection control knob makes oxygen percentage adjustments easy. The infection-control-friendly housing is smooth and easy to clean.

It’s a High-Performance Unit.
The highly accurate unit maintains FI02 even at low flows. It is economical and provides cost-savings with less waste.

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