FOB SMART1200XLHG (120V / 1kVA / 750W, Medical-Grade Tower UPS)


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The SMART1200XLHG medical-grade UPS system provides dependable battery backup and is fully compliant with UL 60601-1 regulations when plugged into a hospital-grade outlet, making it ideal for use in patient-care vicinities. The 1kVA/750W capacity provides up to 28 minutes of runtime for a half load or 10 minutes for a full load, so you can work through short power failures and perform an orderly system shutdown in a prolonged blackout.
Built-in line-interactive voltage regulation corrects brownouts as low as 81V and overvoltages as high as 143V to normal 120V nominal output without drawing battery power. The SMART1200XLHG’s built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise, while maintaining full AC surge suppression in all models.  This UPS system features four NEMA 5-15R-HG hospital-grade outlets and has a hospital-grade NEMA 5-15P-HG plug with a six-foot cord for flexibility in placement. All four outlets provide both backup protection and surge protection rated to 940 joules.


Ideal UPS Backup in Healthcare Facilities

  • Complies with UL 60601-1 standards for use in patient-care facilities.
  • Isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise.
  • 6 ft. power cord with 120V NEMA 5-15P-HG plug.

Reliable Battery Backup and Surge Protection

  • Supports half load up to 28 min. and full load up to 10 min.
  • 4 NEMA 5-15R-HG outlets with 940-joule surge protection.

LEDs and Audible Alarms

  • Front LEDs indicate power, mode, load and battery status.
  • Alarms alert you to power failure, overload and low battery.

Saves Files When You’re Away

  • Included PowerAlert® software enables safe, unattended system shutdown and file saving during power failures.
  • Connects to computer via DB9 or USB port with included cables.


Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) 1000
Output Watt Capacity (Watts) 750
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported 115V; 120V
Frequency Compatibility 60 Hz
Outlet Receptacles (4) 5 – 15R
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 120V AC
Input Circuit Breakers 15A
Full Load Runtime 10 min. (750W)
Half Load Runtime 28 min. (375W)
Audible Alarm Indicates power failure, overload and low battery conditions.
LED Indicators Indicates line power, battery power, overload, voltage regulation and battery replace status.
UPS Module Dimensions 12.5 x 7.5 x 9.5
UPS Module Weight 45.2 lbs.
Operating Temperature Range +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit


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  • Meets FCC Part 15 Category A (EMI);
  • Tested to UL1778 (USA);
  • Tested to UL60601-1 (medical grade).

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