FOB PSR-11-75-KE7



Measuring Range: 0-100%

Accuracy: +/-2% of Full Scale

Signal Output: 10 – 13.5 mV

Linearity: +/-2% of Full Scale

Response T90: 13 sec

Temp Coefficient: Compensated

Operating Temp: 0 to 45°C

Recommended Storage: 0 to 25°C

Shelf Life: 6 months

Humidity/Non-Condensing: 0-99% RH

Expected Life: 60 months

Electrical Connector: 3.5 Phono Jack

OEM Cross References

Manufacturer OEM Part #
Covidien (Newport): SEN2103P
Maxtec: MAX-250E (R125P03-002)
Mercury Medical: 10-103-08
Pacifitech: PT-25A
Teledyne: R29MED (#C-70592)


Manufacturer Model #
Covidien: Newport, e360, 3500 and HT-70 Ventilator
Fluke: VT Mobile
Maxtec: MaxO2+AE, OM-25AE, OM25ME, MaxBlend and MaxVenturi


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