FOB PSR-11-33


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Measuring Range: 0-100%

Accuracy: +/-2% of Full Scale

Signal Output: 165 – 235 uA

Linearity: +/-2% of Full Scale

Response T90: 30 sec

Temp Coefficient: Compensated

Operating Temp: 0 to 45°C

Recommended Storage: 0 to 25°C

Shelf Life: 6 months

Humidity/Non-Condensing: 0-99% RH

Expected Life: 60 months

Electrical Connector: 2 Ring PCB

OEM Cross References

Manufacturer OEM Part #
Bio-Tek: X74223
Bio-Med Devices: 48351
Bertucci: T1 and T2
Ceramatic: CAG-19
Emerson: EMV-OA
Envitec: OOM107
Hamilton Medical: 51250
Henleys: 5569
Hudson RCI: 5568, C1 and V-01
Imed: 810, 825, T-1 and T-2
Integral Process: 65007
Ivac: 1200 and 1225
IT Gambert: M-05
Libra: OM500
Maxtec: MAX-19 (R116P60)
Megamed: M2
Mercury Medical: 10-103-00
MSA: 478841, 485955
Nuova: E-30/0
Oxitron: 3250
Sensidyne: SV-01
SensorTech: ST-01
Sensoronics/Pacifitech: SS-01
Taema: KV050501
Teledyne: T1 (#A-37016)
Teleflex: 5565, 5568, C1 and C-01
Toptronics: XT74223
Vickers 251


Manufacturer Model #
Deversified Diagnostics: Xenematic
Hamilton Medical: Aladdin, Amadeus, Heyer Pocket O2 and Veolar
Hudson RCI: 5525, 5528, 5529, 5550 and 5552
Taema: KV050501 and Oxy 2100
Teledyne: T1, T2, TED 160 and TED 190


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