FOB OXY-F4-H (Datex Ohmeda Compatible, SpO2, Direct Connect)


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Cable Color: Gray

Cable Diameter: 4 mm

Cable Material: TPU Jacket

Connector Distal: Male, 9-Pin, Hypertronix Connector

Connector Proximal: Adult Clip

Latex-Free: Yes

Patient Size: Adult

SpO2 Technology: Datex OxyTip

Sterile: No

Total Cable Length: 10 ft.

OEM Cross References

Manufacturer OEM Part #
AMC: PR-A520-1017
Beta Biomed: B505-1017
Datex Ohmeda: OXY-F4-H and TS-F4-H (4 meters)
Envitec: F-3412
Lohmeier: 6051-0000-035
Pacific Medical: NFDX350
Tenacore: TCPF-1612-0322 and TP1812


Manufacturer Model #
Datex Ohmeda: 3700, 3710, 3740, 3770, 3775, 37xx Series, 3800, 3900, 3900P, 4700, 5250 respiratory gas monitors, 5250 RGM, AS/3, Biox 3700e, Biox 3740, Biox 3760, Cardiocap/5 with N-XOSAT option, CS/3, Modular Monitors with M-OSAT module, Modulus CD, Oxicap, Rascal II, S/5, TuffSat 3775 and TuffSat
GE/Corometrics: 200SL, 400SL, 511, 600SL, 800A, 800SL, TRAM A.R. and TRAM x00SL Series
GE/Marquette: 7000 Series
Mennen: Horizon XL800 (Ohmeda SpO2)


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