FOB 700-0030-00 (Spacelabs Compatible, SpO2 Adapter)


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Cable Color: Gray

Cable Diameter: 4 mm

Cable Material: TPU Jacket

Connector Distal: Spacelabs, 10-Pin, D-Shaped Connector

Connector Proximal: Female, 9-Pin, D-Sub Connector

Latex-Free: Yes

SpO2 Technology: Nellcor OxiSmart

Sterile: No

Total Cable Length: 7 ft.

Use With

FOB DS-100A: Covidien/Nellcor Compatible, Adult Clip, SpO2 Sensor

FOB M1196T: Philips Compatible, Adult Clip, SpO2 Sensor

OEM Cross References

Manufacturer OEM Part #
AMC: CB-A400-1103A
Beta Biomed: B505-1020E
Spacelabs: 700-0030-00
Tenacore: TE1923


Manufacturer Model #
Spacelabs: 91367 and 91369


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