FOB 500 (300W / 14V, 5 Hole Base)


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Type: Xenon

Amps: 21 Amps

Base: 5 Hole

Diameter: 1.3″

Ends: Single Ended

Length: 1.92″

Life: 1000 Hours

Lumen: 5000 Lumen

Reflector Type: Parabolic Reflector

Volts: 14 Volts

Watts: 300 Watts

Window: 1″ Diameter

Cross References

Manufacturer Part #
Excelitas (Perkin Elmer): PE300BF, 300BF
Karl Storz: Y1100-611
Olympus: MD-631, Y-1064SP
Ushio: UXR 300BU
Vaconics: VAC 300BF
Welch Allyn: 04980-U


Manufacturer Model #
Baxter: VS5500, VS5600, OPTX300
Burton: Xenalux Headlamp
Fujinon: EPS-301, EPX-302, EPX-304, EPX-401, FLX-2000, FLX-300, FLX-300A, FLX-300F2, FLX-600, FLX-4400
Getinge Castle/ALM: MTA Starpoint XE
Leica: F.O. Illuminator, M520 OH3, M720 OH5
Linvatec: 8170, 8180, LIS8430
Luxtec: 9300, 9300XSP, LX-300, 7000, 8000, LUX 9000, 9300
Luxtel: Isolux XSB 300
Medical Dynamics: 6100XE, 6600XE
Olympus: CLV-S40, CLV-S20, CLV-U20, CLV160, CLV180, CLVSBO, ILX-6300
Pentax: EPM-3000, EPM-3300, EPM-3500, LX-3000
SLM: Aminco SPF500C
Smith & Nephew: Dyonics 300XL, Dyonics 500XL, Dyonics Dyobrite 3000XE
Storz: 201330-20, 201331-20, 300, 487B, 487C, 487XE, 610, 610c, 610XE, 611, 611C, 611XE, 630
Stryker: Quantum 6000, Quantum X6000
Sunoptics: Solarmaxx 300, Titan 300
Welch Allyn: ProXenon 350 Surgical Illuminator, VP2000, VP3
Zeiss: Superlux 300, Superlux 301


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