FOB 216 (150W / 24V, G6.35 2-Pin)


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Type: Halogen

Base: G6.35 / 2-Pin

CC Temp: 3450 Kelvin

Diameter: 0.5″

Ends: Single Ended

Filament: CBar6 / C6F / Single Coil Flat/Oval Transverse

Length: 1.95″

Life: 50 Hours

Lumen: 6000 Lumen

Shape: T4 1/4

Volts: 24 Volts

Watts: 150 Watts

Cross References

Manufacturer Part #
GE Lighting: FCS [13598]
Osram: FCS 64640 HLX [54623]
Philips: 7158 [20607-8]
Ushio: FCS JC24V-150WUI [1000492]


Manufacturer Model #
Adec: 6300, Cascade
Bennett: X-Ray Collimator
Dentsply: 4075
Efos: 4075
Eurodent: Eurodent
Daro: Sunlight 70
J. Morita: Dental Light
LD Caulk: 4075
Machlett: Duocon M, PBL 2 PBL 3 Collimator
Nikon: 6C2, 71826, V12, V16C, V20, V20A, V24B
Plan Meca: Delight
Siemens: A1 Sirona, E1 Sirona
Summit: Collimator
Unitron: 15777, Unimet MR1, Unimet MR2, Unimet MR3, Versamet Mettalograph


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