Medical Gas Fittings and Assemblies

Ever try to describe what you want to someone only to find out they have no clue what you’re talking about? Ever try to have a medical air block built with a DISS Male on the wall side and Chemtron connectors on the other? How many times do you get the wrong thing? Why is it so hard to get a 10 foot hose with the right connectors?

FOBI has actual experienced medical gas experts ready to help you get gas from wall to patient without any hassle. We’re here to help you and we can build to suit your needs. With hundreds of options, we have the parts and knowledge to make any gas problem go away.

Nitrogen Hoses
Oxygen Hoses
Medical Air Hoses
Demand Valves
WAGD Fittings
Bulk Hose

Call our experts at 888.231.3624 and tell them what your trying to do and we’ll make it happen!

Custom Solutions
Regulators and Flowmeters

So, why use FOBI?

  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
    • Low pricing on flow meters
    • Free assembly
  • Unmatched technical expertise
  • Bay Corp Preferred Dealer
  • Quick turn around
  • Friendly staff
  • All assemblies fully tested
  • 1 Year Warranty

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